What is Venturespring Ignite?

Venturespring Ignite is a unique growth vehicle that inspires, invests in, and guides ventures to success. Powered by Venturespring in collaboration with some of the world’s biggest brands and business leaders, Venturespring Ignite propels ventures to the next level by unlocking corporate resources and investment for them.

Special thanks to our LEAD COLLABORATORS

We would like to thank our partners for making it possible for us to come together to empower ventures that are helping to build a better world.


Why we created Venturespring Ignite

We created Venturespring Ignite to give leaders access to the resources they need to scale their ventures. However, our commitment goes far beyond capital. Our team is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of game changers by providing a springboard for creating a positive, growth-driven future.


What do I get if I’m selected?

Stay ahead of the game. Let us help you to unlock hard to reach corporate resources designed to take your venture to the next level.

  • Investment of between $10,000 - $100 million through our corporate and institutional investor network and or fund

  • Access to investors both corporate and institutional depending on your preferences

  • Access to key corporate executives enabling you to navigate large corporate organisations for resources including investment - quickly and effectively

  • Strategic corporate match making for long term partnership opportunities to help ventures commercialise and gain access to whatever it is that they need

  • Exclusive access to and deployment of hard-to-reach corporate resources that will allow you to take your venture to the next level 

  • An invitation to a Summit on Necker Island, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with the world's most successful business leaders

  • An opportunity to hear Summit speakers discuss key trends and the types of corporate resources available to startups like yours


A powerful professional network is an invaluable resource. The Necker Island Summit gives you a chance to mix and mingle with high profile industry leaders and tech visionaries. 

We believe in surrounding the next generation of founders with people who are already making positive changes in the world. What better way to learn than from direct contact with successful business leaders?




Our panel which is made up of high profile venture capitalists, corporate innovation experts and high profile business leaders selects ventures that have the greatest potential to build a better world thereby positively impacting our future. What does that mean? We are looking for ventures which are solving some of the world’s biggest problems. 


Applications for the Venturespring Ignite are now open! If you’ve got a revolutionary venture that’s set to impact our future, then we want to hear from you. Fill out the registration form to apply. Good luck!

Deadline for 2018 is 20 December 2018